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Hopper Notes:
Viewloader Revolution - great entry level loader. You can use a hose clamp and attach these to the spyder stovepipe. These loaders also fit the classic markers that have tight feednecks, like autocockers. Very light, batteries last forever, great loader for autocockers, autococker pump guns, spyders, etc

Viewloader Eggy - I don't like this loader at all. It's extremely back heavy, and when diving or running with the loader, it's terrible off-balance construction causes this loader to fly off guns like a football. The flex prop works well, it feeds fast, but you need a VERY strong, clamping feedneck to use this loader or it's going to fly off your gun.

Viewloader Vlocity Jr (stock) - great loader, just barely fast enough for any style of field or tournament play. Very light, but the buzzing noise when it's on will drive you crazy. This loader EATS batteries. Holds alot of paint, and the lid opening is HUGE which is awesome for loading, but the battery consumption and buzzing is a major turnoff. Probably one of the largest lids / feed hole in paintball. You literally can stick your entire hand into the mouth of the Jr, which makes it impossible to spill paint when loading.

Viewloader Vlocity (stock) - I usually ran mine at setting #3. Very similar to the Volcity Jr, except the lid is smaller and the angle is different, holds about 10 or 15 more paintballs, and the chip has 8 adjustable speeds. The funny thing is that I always set my Vlocity to run at the same setting the JR comes defaulted at, #3. Vlocities do tend to jam alot, and the "ghost problem" can rear it's head every now and then. If your velocity doesnt feed faster than 15BPS, you might have this issue. Viewloader doesn't recognize the problem, so you'll be stuck buying a new loader. Loader eats batteries, the buzzing noise is annoying, but it's light and small, works great for airball / speedball. I wouldnt take this loader into the woods

Viewloader Eye Force - not a bad loader, but it's expensive, heavy and odd shaped. Drive cone is very small, loader does tend to leave alot of gaps in the steams, and can jam alot. The anti jam works, but it'll cause a gap in the stream. It feels like a brick on your gun, because of the extremely wide ear end.

Halo B - Halo B's work great for about 80 to 100 cases and then they are done. The motor will burn out after 80+ cases. The loaders function like they should, they are battery effecient, extremely fast, but my biggest gripes are the LED light not staying on (blinks every 5 or 7 seconds, hard to tell if it's on or not), and it's "antijam function" is to simply blink like a christmas tree, forcing you to clear the jam, AND shut the loader off and turn it back on. But they function perfectly.

Halo B V35 - same as the Halo B, but with an 6 speed adjustable board. I usually ran mine at setting #3, which is about what the stock Halo B runs at in terms of speed

Reloader B - Reloader B is better than the Halo B, simply because it doesn't require you to power cycle the loader when a jam occurs. Extremely fast, at setting 2 with fresh batteries, or setting 3 (max speed), the loaders can "run away", when the mic on the board hears its own motor spinning, and confusing it for the gun shooting. I prefer the Reloader B over the Halo B, simply because Reloaders dont require you to shut them off when a jam occurs. Reloader B's also have battery saving technology, so after 10 or 15 minutes of use, the loader shuts off. This can be decieving because the game starts, you shoot 10 or 15 balls in the air, then your gun stops shooting! So if you have alot of time between games, power cycle your loader. Also, when walking with your loader on, the jiggling of paintballs will cause the loader to try to spin. So make sure you are turning your loader off after each game or you'll eat batteries

Reloader B2 - very similar to the B, just with some other adjustment settings. If you get a B2, always keep the manual in your gearbag. They are a pain in the ass to program, and if the mic isn't set properly, it may not hear the gun shooting and you'll have to change the mic setting

Reloader - like the Revolution but sound activated and uses a magnetic lid. I personally like the Revolution better

Hardcorps Torque - George Spurlock is the person who invented the Pulse, and then invented the Torque. Not a bad loader, but with the recent price drops on the Halo B & Reloader B, these loaders are overpriced. At $70 I'd skip it, $40 to $50, I'd consider it. Speedfeeds aren't available, customer service is patchy (George Spurlock is just one person). It's a good budget speedball loader, but I'd take a Halo B or Reloader B over it at the same price point. Loader does jam sometimes, and eats batteries like crazy, but it's got a great, simple design. These loaders are extremely fast with fresh batteries, and will max out any gun

Draxxus Pulse - Skip it. When they first came out, it was a good loader at the time. Now, it's too heavy, too big, and since Draxxus is no longer offering any replacement parts or warranty on these loaders, I'd skip them. They are fast, but they are heavy and the feednecks snap like crazy. Also, I've taken shots into the drivetray tabs on the side and put paintballs right through the tabs into the drive unit. These are good loaders, but since you can't get replacement parts for them, or get them repaired anymore by Draxxus, I would skip it. If you can find these loader for $50 or less I'd consider purchasing one, but I personally recommend skipping this loader if you are a frequent player.

Pinokio - still my favorite loader on the market. The drive system is simple. The loader never jams, it's very battery efficient, uses a bullet proof feed system, and the "always on" LED and instant on power button is awesome. I also like the "low battery" LED indicator, when the battery starts to die, the loader will go from green to red. This loader is rediculously light, as light as a Vlocity, and holds 270 paintballs, 400 with the nose. This added capacity has allowed me to make moves on the field I wouldn't have been able to make with other loaders. You buy the pinokio for two reasons, bulletproof consistent feeding and capacity. It's not the fastest loader on the market for "backyard experimental 50bps video making", but for REAL paintball playing on the field, keeps up with any gun on the market, and works great. Still my personal loader of choice, its so simple I love it. It's got a high, swept back design, making it very easy to hide behind bunkers when you tilt your gun. For me personally and my playing style, the Pinokio is still my loader of choice.

Dye Rotor - absolutely the most advanced loader to ever hit the market. Sleek, sexy, tiny, very well put together and EXTREMELY fast, brutally fast, the Rotor is the choice for people who like speed, and like small loaders. If you like small loaders, or you are looking for an extremely fast loader for "backyard experimental 50bps video making", get the rotor. Its quiet, battery efficient, the lid doesnt require any break in period, tool-less dissasembly, this loader is so advanced it's practically alien technology. The rotor is 4 ounces heavier than the vlocity. For players seeking a small profile loader, get this. The drive assembly is so advanced, expect 1 jam per 10 cases, easily cleared by just yanking the trigger. This is my second favorite loader on the market right now. This is a great step up from people who own vlocities

Magna - like the Reloader B, but with a swooped back shell and magnet clutch drive. You buy the magna for the shell design, not for much else. It's fast, works great, but the magnet clutch is overrated. The added capacity from the stock Reloader B is a huge plus.

Prophecy - UPDATE- After recieving a couple Prophecies to test out, it's basically a Reloader B2 with Magna internals, and a tooless dissasembly. Feeds fast, works great, but honestly I think I'd use a Reloader B w/ Anti Jam Freeway and get the same performance as the Prophecy. If you have one, and you love it, cool.

Viewloader Quantum - junk, throw it away

Viewloader Force - any sort of "always on" loader is garbage, keep saving your money and get the good stuff

Spyder Fasta - good loader, shares alot of the same drive components with the pinokio

Tippmann SSL-200 - good loader for the SPPL woodsball tournaments, odd lid angle.

-TechPB-Mike's Hopper Notes-
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Hopper Notes
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