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 Marker Maintenance & gear

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PostSubject: Marker Maintenance & gear   Marker Maintenance & gear I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 1:07 am

LUBES: First of all, you should use whatever lube is recommended for use in your marker's manual. If your manual says to use Dow 55 lube, use Dow 55. USING THE WRONG LUBE MAY VOID YOUR MARKER'S WARRANTY. This means that if you go to send your marker in for repair, and the manufacturer notices that you're not using the lube that they recommended, they have the right to tell you your warranty has been voided, and you will be paying LOTS of money to get your marker fixed.

Where can I find the lubes that I will need for my marker's maintenance?
Well, I would first recommend your local paintball shop. Let's say your marker's manual says you need to use Dow 55 lube for maintenance. Walk into the shop and tell the guy you need a 2 oz. bottle of Dow 55 lube. In most cases the shop will have what you're looking for. IF your shop does not have what you need, you can always order online.

How often do I need to re-lube my marker?
For most markers, re-lubing after each day of play is ideal. If your marker has not been used for a while, you're trying to sell it, or you just don't play anymore, I would recommend re-lubing it about once a month. Pulling your bolt out and checking all O-rings throughout the marker to make sure they are well lubed is the best way to ensure your marker stays in working condition.

CLEANING: For cleaning any marker, the first thing you want to do after a long day of play is remove any broken paintball shells from your marker. If these are not removed, they can cause a large amount of distortion in your shot accuracy.
In order to remove these, you may want to disassemble your marker according to your marker's manual. (I would disassemble the marker during any cleaning session in order to do the best job I can.)BE SURE TO TAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF HOW YOUR MARKER DISASSEMBLES. Make sure all parts are intact and in working order.(I.e. springs are not broken, ball detents work, etc.) After doing this, set the parts off to the side. As you disassemble your marker, make sure it is done on a clean surface (preferably a white towel or something of the sort, to ensure you don't lose anything-- even the smallest part missing from your marker can result in the marker being dysfunctional.)
As said above, remove any broken paint shells, dirt, grime, etc. Clean your marker thoroughly with a cotton swab, Q-tip, or paper towel. I would recommend dampening the paper towel with warm water. This will help to remove any excess grease, paint, dirt and grime.
Re-lube any O-rings in the marker. If you are using a highly viscous lube, such as Hoppe's lube, or tri-flow, make sure to wipe off any excess, as this can result in lube getting into your barrel and throwing off your shots during play.
After re-lubing all of your parts, and making sure that your marker is free of any dirt, grime, paint, or paint shells, begin to re assemble your marker, again, according to the manual.

For the most part, pod packs do not need very much maintenance. Some people like their pod packs to be clean, however.
In order to clean your pod pack, I would NOT recommend Putting your pod pack in the washing machine. This CAN result in your pod holders' threads beginning to fray, tear apart, and shred, which will ultimately result in a ruined pod pack. Not to mention that vel-cro does not usually mix well with the washing machine.

I find the best way to clean a dirty pod pack is by dampening a towel with warm water, adding a small dab of dish soap, and just scrubbing the dirty spots. Hang your pod pack up to dry, and if you do notice that some of its threads are beginning to fray, simply use a lighter to burn them off. This will prevent any further fraying and keep your pod pack lasting long.

PODS: Pods are very low maintenance. Just empty all of them out, flush them out with water, let them dry and you're good to go. Check any springs on the lids of your pods to make sure they're working, and check for cracks.
There's nothing like using a broken pod and having a full pod of paint spill out onto the ground.

For the most part, regulators should be maintained about once every three months, depending on how much you play.
In order to maintain your marker's regulator, you first want to de-gas your gun completely. Remove your tank. Certain guns may hold one extra shot inside the regulator, so turn your gun on, turn the eyes off, and pull the trigger to make sure that the gun is completely de-gassed.
Next, remove your macro line. In order to remove the macro line, you will notice that on the end of your macro fittings, there is a round disc shaped fitting. Push the fitting down, and pull on the line at the same time. Your macro should pop off easily.
After removing the macro line, remove your regulator from your gun. Your regulator should screw off with ease.
To avoid going into to much detail and confusing you all, I'll leave the rest to this video:

There should be not much of a difference between a CP regulator and any other regulator.

I would recommend that you start off with reading the tag on your jersey. Most will have washing instructions. For padding inside of jerseys, dripping a few drops of detergent directly on the pads before wash is ideal. For jersey pants, set your washer to 'gentle' mode, and make sure to wash in cold on cold water. Remove any dried-on paint stains with a damp towel. Make sure to air dry to keep your padding from becoming puffy.

Cleaning elbow/knee pads is the same as Jerseys/Pants. Remove any paint stains with a moist towel. Do NOT put in dryer, they will become puffy and will begin to wear out faster.

There is really no way to maintenance your paint obviously, however choose your storage facility wisely. Paint that has been left in hot weather over a long about of time will melt. Yes, you will go to fill up your pod and will get nothing but a glob of melted paintballs.
Store your paint in a cool area. A closet is an ideal place, or an unused corner of a room. Any place that is at room temperature is probably the best option. Putting your paint in the refrigerator will keep your paint nice and brittle, providing top notch breakage.
Try not to set anything on top of your paint, because although pressure may not be hard enough to break the paint, it can actually oblong your balls, providing you with inconvenient jams, breaks, and inaccuracy.
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Marker Maintenance & gear
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